Bieke Claes

Managing Director
jaar - richting: 
2000 - Latijn-Wetenschappen

Managing Director of the Belgian American Chamber of Commerce (BelCham) in New York + Founder of Atelier, the first co-working space (based in the heart of Manhattan, New York) for Belgian companies who expand to the US market.
Bieke Claes serves as BelCham’s Managing Director. While founding the Miami Chapter of the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce, Bieke realized her passion for entrepreneurship and connecting like-minded individuals in the Belgian-American professional community. Her background as a Bar-Certified attorney has given her specialized understanding of the legal operations within the international business community, and she is able to advise people from a unique legal perspective.
As a Black Belt and a former Belgian National Karate Champion, Bieke values perseverance, discipline and straightforwardness. With her art, and by reading and travelling a lot, she nurtures her creative and more spiritual side as well. Throughout life, Bieke has devoted herself to living a full and well-rounded existence—physically, spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. As Managing Director at BelCham and Founder of Atelier, she is happy to be utilizing her talents and skills that she has cultivated in her varied background.